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Have you ever poured over pattern books and magazines to find the perfect style to sew or buy?  You find that cute, stylish outfit; sew it up, put it on, stand in front of the mirror, and say, “What was I thinking?”  The outfit just “does nothing” for you.  Well, just because it looks good on a model (or worse yet in that drawing on the pattern envelope); doesn’t mean it was meant to flatter your figure.

Here is what you do:

In a leotard or tight fitting garments, take a front and side shot of your body.  Now, with the help of your computer, print out a couple of 5×7 or larger pictures of yourself.  Now, in the front view, draw lines up and down the side of your body.  What is the shape?  Do the same thing for your side view.  Do you protrude anywhere?  Also, check your chin and upper arm area.  Draw around those areas, too.

Now, here is the key.

1.  Accentuate the Positive – you’ve heard that one before!  Find out what are your greatest figure assets.  Think about how you are complimented in different outfits you wear.  What is special about them?  Have you ever been told you have, a nice long neck, beautiful hands, great legs?  Show them off!

2.  Hide what you don’t want anyone to see.  Have no waist?  Then don’t wear a short-waisted jacket or a nice wide belt there! 

3.  Fake it!  Create an illusion. One trick for someone like me who has lost their waist somewhere along the way is to go ahead and wear that belt — not so wide, though; and then wear a hip (or longer) jacket over the top of it.  Long, vertical lines create height and are slimming.

So you like that new, trendy style; is there any way that you can use the three tips above to help you adapt the style to you?  That might not be as hard as it sounds so give it a try.

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