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As I thought, I had been to one of these seminars before; but still learned some things.  They use the Lutterloh® System.  This system takes two measurements — bust and hip, to enlarge a tiny pattern onto a larger pattern paper using a special ruler with a push pin in your measurement size.  It is like connecting the dots to get a full-sized pattern for your personalized measurements.  In the class, they do try to sell you lots of things, the pattern system ($124), rulers, paper,etc.  But they give you a few patterns to try at home for the $10 class fee (you get a video of the whole session, too).

I did not buy the Pattern Making System, but did bid a couple of times on eBay.  Every time on eBay, they went for around 1/2 the cost of the original system.  There are vintage systems out there on eBay so make sure you know what you are bidding on if you go that route.  By chance, I went to an estate sale for a sewing friend; and I found the system for $10 so I bought that right away!

Using my Accentuate, Hide, and Fake technique; I went through the book to mark all the styles that would best be suited for my current figure.  I did create a blouse pattern from the free patterns from the seminar.  I didn’t have a cardboard pattern board, so I used an old cut-up box.  I have since bought a display board (because I couldn’t find the pattern board) to use for other pattern making.

They also talked about using a Roller foot and Even-feed/Walking foot.  You can use a roller foot to put in a zipper.  They didn’t show us how — can you roll right over the zipper to do so?  Mainly the roller foot is used for fabric that seem to be hard to handle.  Your feed dogs do push fabric through your machine so some garment pieces are especially longer so that can happen.  The Even-feed foot is used for quilting and everything that doesn’t need the easing of the feed dogs.  Can’t you get that same effect from a serger?

It was a great time to be surrounded by sewing friends, and quite entertaining for the cost of admission.

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