Organize your Sewing Room Like Your Kitchen

As I watched a webinar last night from Andrew Mellen’s  De-Stress your Mess 5-DAY Challenge, I kept thinking how I might adapt his ideas to my sewing room.

The topic was Organizing Your Kitchen. Andrew swears by this organizational triangle:

  1. One Home for Everything
  2. Like With Like
  3. Something in, Something out

He explained that professional kitchens are organized in the following area:

  1. Prep
  2. Cooking and Baking
  3. Food Storage and Pantry
  4. Beverage
  5. Tableware and serving
  6. Cleanup

Diving your kitchen into thinking about these functions and applying the three rules from the Organizational Triangle, you can organize your sewing room/area in the same way!

This is how I divided my sewing room into different organizational areas:

  1. Sewing/Serging
  2. Pressing
  3. Current Project Storage
  4. Tool Storage
  5. Notion Storage
  6. Pattern and Book Storage
  7. Fabric Storage

With these areas in mind, I next took an inventory of the physical spaces that I have in my sewing area and attempted to assign them to a particular purpose.

Area Space Contents/Function
Sewing/Serging Sewing Table
Serging Table
Pressing Ironing Board
Pressing before, during, and after construction
Current Project Storage Basket on Sewing/Serging Table Contain all project materials
Tool Storage Sewing/Serging Tables for daily use items, drawer by Serger for other items Scissors
Pins and Clips
Notion Storage Thread
Buttons and closures
Embroidery Thread
Binding and Cording
Interfacing and Batting
Pattern and Book Storage Filecabinet
Fabric Storage Totes Each tote is organized by fabric type: cotton, knits, “fancy fabric,” polar fleece and outerwear, etc.
Figure 1.1 Matching Functional Sewing Areas with available

Doing this step helped me to see where I am struggling with the organization of my sewing room. My biggest areas of struggle occur in the storage areas for patterns, books, and fabric. I simply have too many to fit my container. The answer is not to get a bigger container because the room will not hold a bigger container. The solution is to simplify and purge — a difficult task for me!

I plan to come back to each area as I organize them to show you my finshed progress!

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