Revival of the Website

Spending summers at our lake cabin keeps me away from my sewing room. I have my old Kenmore sewing machine here ( a present when I graduated from college). This year I brought up my serger and dome of my unfinished objects (UFOs). I also brought a tote of fabric and a box of patterns. While I always have a tendency to bring too much stuff, I’m hoping that this will put a real dent in my accumulation of sewing projects and fabric. My biggest project is to finish the curtains for my daughter’s room. Hopefully, you’ll see my postings for all the other projects I have brought with me. That is why I’m blogging this – to keep me accountable on finishing these! So far I have finished cutting strips for a quilted serger bag, pinned a small quilt together, cut out the trim for a polar fleece jacket, cut out some yoga shorts, and cut out a skirt and jacket. Company came, so the sewing went on hold while we celebrate the 4th. Happy 4th of July!

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